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We provide a cost effective web-enabled Human Resources application for small business and/or goverment entities.

The Conduct and Consequence module that tracks undesired employee behavior (conduct) and the response to that behavior by management (consequence).

Other modules include assignment and asset tracking (Unit, Supervisor, Vehicle, Firearm), Training (including AOT) and Firearm Qualification, and much more.


We are a small niche software company with thirty years experience creating and deploying custom specialized application programs for law enforcement, corrections, probation and other government entities. Our software provides Human Resources and related administration tracking solutions at a very affordable price!

AzonaSoft Human Resource application runs on your intranet, using a WAMP (Windows Server) or LAMP (Linux Server) environment. The MySql database is user friendly and very affordable. Our application provides all the functionality needed to track employee demographics and change history.

Our Human Resource application includes the Conduct and Consequence module. This integrated employee behavior (conduct) and discipline (consequence) tracking module can help your organization by allowing supervisors and management to apply discipline in a consistant manner, based on specific employee behavior and department policy and procedures.

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